Wednesday, October 26, 2011

16 Weeks & 3 Days!

Hello my lovely followers!
I'm Pregnant!!!!
I have been watching videos on YouTube and looking online at other blogs and I just thing a blog and YouTube are such an amazing way to document and share something so amazing as a pregnancy!
So, my blog is officially dedicated to my daily life, thoughts, and my pregnancy journey!
A little bit about myself in case you don't already know: I'm 19 years old. In February I will be 20, so I guess I wont be counted as a teen mom, but a young mom. I'm not in school at the moment because I decided to move to Houston, TX before I found out I was pregnant and in late September I decided it was best to move back home to Tennessee!!! I'm currently not working either. Wow.. I kinda sound like a bum!, but believe me I'm not!!!!!

So yeah! Enough boring stuff!!!
Today I am 16 weeks and 3 days pregnant!
I still haven't had a Dr's appointment due to some ridiculous issues with ppl not communicating and doing there job. Really irritating and stressful! BUT I finally got a Dr and an appointment. Nov. 2 is my first appointment and I am soooo excited! Hopefully I will get an ultrasound, but i doubt it!
So far I haven't had any complications with my pregnancy-besides my clothes not fitting.
I have had few symptoms:morning sickness, fatigue, shortness of breath, acne, stretch marks, and breast tenderness.
I don't know if anyone else is having these problems but I cant take my prenatal pills that the Dr gave me. I'm taking half of My prenatal and my entire folic one. So far that helps if I take it that way with a really big meal.
Welp! This is pretty much it for now!!!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So a couple of weeks ago my boyfriend got me the cutest little puppy!! She is a Yorkie and I love her! She just turned 4 months old today!! I love her! She keeps me going with all of her energy! She still isnt house broken...if you know any tips please help!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's That Smell?

Hello my beautiful followers!!!!
So Im kinda over my perfumes and I need a new scent! Any ideas?!?!?!?

....I made an outfit of the day post...but the sound isnt working...fabulous rite?

Hope everyone had an amazing day! :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Acne Control Kit

Hello Dolls!
Yesterday I purchased the Clean & Clear Acne Control Kit! Tonight Is going to be my first night using it! Its extra late..I just got in from work! I would normally just wash my face with a cloth since its so late, BUT I am really excited to use the kit! Like a normal person I have some "trouble spots". My skin type is oily/acne prone. Not fun! l0l...but the kit is a 3 step process. I wanted to post these pictures so you could see me completely natural and see my "troubled spots".Also these are pictures of the products. Step1 is the acne control cleaner. Step2 is the acne control moisturizer. Step3 is the fast clearing spot treatment. I will go into more detail after I give it a try in a review video! :)

.....I got a couple albums off of ITUNES tonight. I needed something new to listen to.
Chris Brown- F.A.M.E. .....its really good..a couple of songs I could have gone without!
Keri Hilson- No Boys Allowed....haven't listened to it yet
and last but not least
I got the E.T. single by Katy Perry ft Kanye West! I looove this song!

P Rose

I am growing my eyebrows out! So excuse the caterpillars

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Taking acrylic off nails!

Third post for today! l0l! I think this is the most I have posted in a month!
Anywho! I couldnt decide if I wanted to take my acrylic layover on my nails off....well I decided I have had that layover on for a year and my nails needed to breath and be natural for a while! Last night I Youtubed videos on different ways to take the acrylic off!! I had planned on making my own video, but I ended up not really having time to because I was in a major rush! But I can give directions :)
This is really simple!
Step 1: Remove all nail polish on nails
Step 2: Run a file over nails to get rid of shine and a bit of the top layer! (you can skip this step!)
Step 3: Soak a cotton ball in Acetone.
Step 4: Place the cotton ball on top of your nail
Step 5: Wrap your nail, with the cottonball still on top of you nairl, in foil
Step 6: Put hands inside gloves (you can skip this)
Step 7: Now! Just let those cotton balls rest on your nails for an hour. 1 hour is the min. I think an hour and 30 minutes will give the best results
Step 8: After you allow your nails to soak, remove and throw away the aluminum foil finger covers, cotton balls, and gloves.
Step 9:Using a metal cuticle remover, push away any acess acrylic off of your nails.
Step 10: Wash hands.

All the acrylic should be off your hands. Then just simply file the nails smooth. Buff them. Rub cuticle on your naills. Let that sit for 10 minutes. Cut nails down. Then do a clear coat on all nails of Strength enhancer. Strengthening Enhancer is the most important part!!! DO NOT FORGET!!!!!
I suggest that you leave your nails unpainted with colors for at least 4 days, so they can breath and get some sun..idk if your nails need sun but just let them breath!!!

Your nails wont look 100% back to normal, but they will look 90% back to normal. I would give them at least a month to look back to how they used to!

This method is very pain free!
You can purchace pure acetone from walmart for like $1!
Hope this helps someone:)
If you have any tips or suggestions let me know!
&& I would love to know how your results turned out so please do tell!!

Pascheana :)

Friday, April 15, 2011


Im his Chunk. He's my Stinky. I call him Superman. He calls me Cinderella!
I couldnt ask for a better relationship!
All uphill from here! :)

.....yes we both have lots of curly hair! l0l..thats his natural hair (in case anyone asks!)


Hello My Loves!
So as you guys already know I went and got my hair colored and added some highlights. At first I wasnt that big of a fan...but its getting lighter and im thinking about putting more blonde in it! So, its not quite like JLO but close!..l0l well actually its not really close, but it fits me!

Anywho back to the topic of the post....I cant decide to take the acrylic off my nails or leave it on. I have started doing my own refills,so I am saving money, but im not that good at it. I am also into nail polish rite now so I always wanna change my polish, but with acrylic nails I cant really do that because there is a looong process that goes with it. I watched some youtube videos about how to take them off...I think I am gonna just take them off! I will more than likely post a video for ytou guys on what worked best for me and what to do after and all that! Well here are some pictures of my new hair && my nails with the acrylic layover still! :)
The color on my nails is OPI A Grape Fit!
Im not a huge fan of this color..Im really just not a purple fan.

Here you can kind of see my hair color...not that good..a better picture will be posted soon!

P Rose:)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Not so JLO!

Hello mynlovely followers, well, on I went to go get my haired dyed. I took the pictures of JLO below to show my hairstylist. Well, she didnt give me exactly what I asked for but she did give mensomething pretty close. I will posts pictures later!

Any who! Today I got an iPad! I'm in love with it!,,, I'm doing my blog on it rite now! If you don't have one you really should get one! They are awesome!

I havent worked all week so I feel weird! I hope everyone is having an amazing week!

P Rose

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Who's That Chick

So! Im ready for something new! It seems like every year around this time I want to do something to my hair! I think I am going to dye it! It has been a year since I dyed my hair! These are some of the colors I am thinking of dying my hair! Leave honest opinions please:) Im stuck on what I want!

This is the disaster that happened last year around this time! This time I am going to a salon and hopefully i wont turn out looking like a cuban with a bad bleach job! l0l!
 Idk what it is but I am in LOVE with JLO rite now! I really love her hair color! Its a lighter brown with a looot of gold/blonde and I am sooo in love with it!

 Evelyn Lozado also has a really pretty hair color but I think it may be a little to on the blonde side! I really do like this color tho! If I was darker I think I would go with this hair color 100%, but I am really light!

 Jasmine Saunders is like my girl crush! She is so freakin gorgeous! Im sooo jealous of her eyes!..but this color is more closer to my natural color when I was younger and I love it! I really cant choose between her color or JLO's!

As far as cutting my hair I really dont think there will be much of that! l0l! My hait grows really fast! I am trying to get it to my hips, but I may add some layers and get her to shorten my little bang things! They arent really bangs so I am not really to sure what to do with them or what to call them! But yeah! If anyone has any ideas or thought please let me know!!! I really cant decide!!! HEEELP!!!
 Enjoy the rest of this beautiful day :)

P Rose

I love the UPS man!

I got my boxes from Lush and Forever 21 today!
I ordered loads of stuff from Lush and I will be doing a review on those products soon! So far I am in love with the products...except the samples in my first box! I would have to say those were some of the worst smelling soaps I have ever smelt in my life! But everything I have ordered smells amazing so far!! Whats some of your favorite Lush products? I need ideas for my next purchases!! :)
From Forever 21 I just ordered some basic things, unfortunately I have to return one of the arms dont fit in the shirt -_-. I have never had that happen before l0l! I was really excited about the shirt too! But oh well!
Today has been crazy so far! I am running on 3 hours of sleep and I have aaaalllll this work to do! On top of that I had to work at 8 this morning with 13 kids hyper off of Oreos! l0l! Very eventful morning!
Im off to enjoy the rest of this busy day! I hope all of my followers have an amazing day as well!
P. Rose

Friday, March 18, 2011

March 18, 2011

Today was a beautiful! I think the high was 76!!! I loved it! I looove hot weather and I cant wait till it stays that way!!! Today I just went to class, had lunch with some friends, and walked the river with my boyfriend! AMAZING DAY:) Since it was hot and really isn't spring yet I really wasn't sure what to wear, so I wore something with bright colors but not to summery in between winter and spring! I got everything from forever 21! The watch is from American Eagle! Earring hoops from Claire's, and my necklace was a gift from my boyfriend!
When I seen these pants at Forever 21cI about died! It was like love at first site!

American Eagle Watch! Necklace from my boyfriend and earrings from
Claire's. Silver jewelry is my FAVORITE!!

simple pink v neck and crazy printed harem like capris!

l0l! I love the bow in the back! Like your lil booty is a present! l0l

I just carried my Zebra purse by Kathy Van Zeeland! When I seen this I fell in love as well! In case you haven't noticed I am in love with zebra print! But yeah! When I seen this purse I just had to get it! Its very rare to find a basic zebra purse, like plain black and white. I hate when I see pink zebra stuff. Have you ever seen a pink zebra?

&& Yes my book bag is ZEBRA PRINT!

We got a package! Sooo Hubigs Pies are my favorite! I could eat a million a day! They are made in New Orleans! They are amazing! you can also get them shipped to you!...I highly suggest that you try them! They have a load of flavors! Lemon is my fave!

On my nails I am wearing OPI Strawberry Margarita!

Sorry the pictures are of such poor quality! I was in a rush! Well, I hope you all enjoyed this OOTD!

P. Rose:)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hello my lovely followers!
Im back on my bloggin game!
This time my blog is dedicated more to beauty.
Like products that im interested in, youtube videos, and hauls from my shoppiing trips!
Im really into fashion rite now as well soooo I may do outfit of the days or photo of the days! idk yet! let me know what you guys want!!!!

COMINGSOON: LUSH haul and forever 21 and also a OPI nail polish haul!

Thank you guys so much for following :)
Im really excited for the adventure ahead!!!

p.s. when I get my YouTube channel all set up I will post a link so you guys can follow!! :)