Friday, March 18, 2011

March 18, 2011

Today was a beautiful! I think the high was 76!!! I loved it! I looove hot weather and I cant wait till it stays that way!!! Today I just went to class, had lunch with some friends, and walked the river with my boyfriend! AMAZING DAY:) Since it was hot and really isn't spring yet I really wasn't sure what to wear, so I wore something with bright colors but not to summery in between winter and spring! I got everything from forever 21! The watch is from American Eagle! Earring hoops from Claire's, and my necklace was a gift from my boyfriend!
When I seen these pants at Forever 21cI about died! It was like love at first site!

American Eagle Watch! Necklace from my boyfriend and earrings from
Claire's. Silver jewelry is my FAVORITE!!

simple pink v neck and crazy printed harem like capris!

l0l! I love the bow in the back! Like your lil booty is a present! l0l

I just carried my Zebra purse by Kathy Van Zeeland! When I seen this I fell in love as well! In case you haven't noticed I am in love with zebra print! But yeah! When I seen this purse I just had to get it! Its very rare to find a basic zebra purse, like plain black and white. I hate when I see pink zebra stuff. Have you ever seen a pink zebra?

&& Yes my book bag is ZEBRA PRINT!

We got a package! Sooo Hubigs Pies are my favorite! I could eat a million a day! They are made in New Orleans! They are amazing! you can also get them shipped to you!...I highly suggest that you try them! They have a load of flavors! Lemon is my fave!

On my nails I am wearing OPI Strawberry Margarita!

Sorry the pictures are of such poor quality! I was in a rush! Well, I hope you all enjoyed this OOTD!

P. Rose:)