Saturday, March 19, 2011

Who's That Chick

So! Im ready for something new! It seems like every year around this time I want to do something to my hair! I think I am going to dye it! It has been a year since I dyed my hair! These are some of the colors I am thinking of dying my hair! Leave honest opinions please:) Im stuck on what I want!

This is the disaster that happened last year around this time! This time I am going to a salon and hopefully i wont turn out looking like a cuban with a bad bleach job! l0l!
 Idk what it is but I am in LOVE with JLO rite now! I really love her hair color! Its a lighter brown with a looot of gold/blonde and I am sooo in love with it!

 Evelyn Lozado also has a really pretty hair color but I think it may be a little to on the blonde side! I really do like this color tho! If I was darker I think I would go with this hair color 100%, but I am really light!

 Jasmine Saunders is like my girl crush! She is so freakin gorgeous! Im sooo jealous of her eyes!..but this color is more closer to my natural color when I was younger and I love it! I really cant choose between her color or JLO's!

As far as cutting my hair I really dont think there will be much of that! l0l! My hait grows really fast! I am trying to get it to my hips, but I may add some layers and get her to shorten my little bang things! They arent really bangs so I am not really to sure what to do with them or what to call them! But yeah! If anyone has any ideas or thought please let me know!!! I really cant decide!!! HEEELP!!!
 Enjoy the rest of this beautiful day :)

P Rose


  1. You have the same eye and skin coloring as Jlow and thing you would look fabulous with her hair color.
    You are beautiful!

  2. I'm really a big fan of the JLO hair color, wish I could do it- but I'm top scared my hair will hate me afterwards (be really damaged) You should do it though!