Friday, April 15, 2011


Hello My Loves!
So as you guys already know I went and got my hair colored and added some highlights. At first I wasnt that big of a fan...but its getting lighter and im thinking about putting more blonde in it! So, its not quite like JLO but close!..l0l well actually its not really close, but it fits me!

Anywho back to the topic of the post....I cant decide to take the acrylic off my nails or leave it on. I have started doing my own refills,so I am saving money, but im not that good at it. I am also into nail polish rite now so I always wanna change my polish, but with acrylic nails I cant really do that because there is a looong process that goes with it. I watched some youtube videos about how to take them off...I think I am gonna just take them off! I will more than likely post a video for ytou guys on what worked best for me and what to do after and all that! Well here are some pictures of my new hair && my nails with the acrylic layover still! :)
The color on my nails is OPI A Grape Fit!
Im not a huge fan of this color..Im really just not a purple fan.

Here you can kind of see my hair color...not that good..a better picture will be posted soon!

P Rose:)

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  1. I just took my nails off after wearing them for almost 20 years!

    CHeck out my post it's the latest one of my blog