Sunday, April 17, 2011

Acne Control Kit

Hello Dolls!
Yesterday I purchased the Clean & Clear Acne Control Kit! Tonight Is going to be my first night using it! Its extra late..I just got in from work! I would normally just wash my face with a cloth since its so late, BUT I am really excited to use the kit! Like a normal person I have some "trouble spots". My skin type is oily/acne prone. Not fun! l0l...but the kit is a 3 step process. I wanted to post these pictures so you could see me completely natural and see my "troubled spots".Also these are pictures of the products. Step1 is the acne control cleaner. Step2 is the acne control moisturizer. Step3 is the fast clearing spot treatment. I will go into more detail after I give it a try in a review video! :)

.....I got a couple albums off of ITUNES tonight. I needed something new to listen to.
Chris Brown- F.A.M.E. .....its really good..a couple of songs I could have gone without!
Keri Hilson- No Boys Allowed....haven't listened to it yet
and last but not least
I got the E.T. single by Katy Perry ft Kanye West! I looove this song!

P Rose

I am growing my eyebrows out! So excuse the caterpillars

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