Saturday, April 16, 2011

Taking acrylic off nails!

Third post for today! l0l! I think this is the most I have posted in a month!
Anywho! I couldnt decide if I wanted to take my acrylic layover on my nails off....well I decided I have had that layover on for a year and my nails needed to breath and be natural for a while! Last night I Youtubed videos on different ways to take the acrylic off!! I had planned on making my own video, but I ended up not really having time to because I was in a major rush! But I can give directions :)
This is really simple!
Step 1: Remove all nail polish on nails
Step 2: Run a file over nails to get rid of shine and a bit of the top layer! (you can skip this step!)
Step 3: Soak a cotton ball in Acetone.
Step 4: Place the cotton ball on top of your nail
Step 5: Wrap your nail, with the cottonball still on top of you nairl, in foil
Step 6: Put hands inside gloves (you can skip this)
Step 7: Now! Just let those cotton balls rest on your nails for an hour. 1 hour is the min. I think an hour and 30 minutes will give the best results
Step 8: After you allow your nails to soak, remove and throw away the aluminum foil finger covers, cotton balls, and gloves.
Step 9:Using a metal cuticle remover, push away any acess acrylic off of your nails.
Step 10: Wash hands.

All the acrylic should be off your hands. Then just simply file the nails smooth. Buff them. Rub cuticle on your naills. Let that sit for 10 minutes. Cut nails down. Then do a clear coat on all nails of Strength enhancer. Strengthening Enhancer is the most important part!!! DO NOT FORGET!!!!!
I suggest that you leave your nails unpainted with colors for at least 4 days, so they can breath and get some sun..idk if your nails need sun but just let them breath!!!

Your nails wont look 100% back to normal, but they will look 90% back to normal. I would give them at least a month to look back to how they used to!

This method is very pain free!
You can purchace pure acetone from walmart for like $1!
Hope this helps someone:)
If you have any tips or suggestions let me know!
&& I would love to know how your results turned out so please do tell!!

Pascheana :)

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