Monday, September 6, 2010

Uh Oh!

Well! A couple days ago I ran out of hair products.

Today I washed my hair. (I wash my hair once a week to keep it from drying out) Hopefully I can go to wal mart today and get some hair products. Any suggestions? Perfect time for me to try some new stuff!
 But anyways!

I love love love LOVE aussi products! They smell fabulous and work great with my curly hair!

I hope in the shower and get my hair wet. My hair doesnt really absorb water that well so I kinda stand there forever! After its all wet it feels like a matted nappy mess!
I kinda have to use alot of shampoo for my hair since its thicker and curlier than others. So I use a palm full almost of Aussi Moist shampoo! It works wonders! I massage my scalp. Dont scratch it! So bbad for your scalp! Then i try to run my fingers thru my hair to help get some nots out. I leave that in!

While my shampoo is just chillin in my hair I apply some face wash! Rite now im using the blue clean and clear morning burst. I think once I finish this bottle up I am going back to the orange one. its my favorite! Idk what the difference is! Then i rinse this and the shampoo off.

NEXT I squirt two pumps of conditioner! Of course its more aussi! I buy the really big one because mid week I do what i call a rinse( I get my hair wet and apply conditioner and rinse with cold water). I put this in my hair. I do whatever else I need to then put my water as cold as I can stand it! Then I rinse. Im not really sure why I rinse my hair with cold water but i have been doing it since i was little. I think it makes my hair alot easier to manage when i get out and brush it.

so yeah! now im alll done! l0l. rap it in a bun for a few. then brush it out.

so since i dont have any hair stuff im goin all natural today. depending on how today goes i may just do that from now on.. but idk! l0l winters come and i get a little pale..may not wsork out to well l0l.!
 welp hopefully i can post some pictures of the natural fro! l0l


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  1. rinses with cold water is REALLY good for your hair. it closes the hair folicles and helps the conditioner in your hair. i always try to do it but im usually in the shower when i try which is not so smart and i freeze my booty off after gettin all nice n warm lol.