Monday, September 6, 2010

Natural Day #1

Welp! After goin a day without any hair products, any make up, and not having my eyebrows waxed in who knows how long I have decided that all that really isnt needed! So, Im going all natural, unless of course I wanna look really pretty one day or for a special occasion! Otherwise, make up isnt any special when you wear it and doesnt have a drastic effect! Thats just my opinion! 
So, I guess this is how im goin to start looking on a daily basis! :) Love it or leave it!

My eyebrows! well! these bad boys are no longer being tamed! l0l! I think think eyebrows are in rite now. Alot of girls pluck/wax them and then fill them in with a brow pencil. Why? You could save money by just keeping it natural and cleaning up the little random pieces of hair!

I went to Target a couple of hours ago and decided that I would just get the regular hair products that I use on my hair! I also decided to try something new!Aussie is my favorite so i decided to get the hairspray and mousse as usual. I also discoverd not to long ago the grnier fructis style curl scuplting gel! I also got the tresemme freshstart waterless foam shampoo..idk much about this product but alot of ppl talk about it so i decided i would try it! So yeah! That was my trip to target!

So I think everyone should go natural with me! l0l! im goin to at least try it for a week..(plus I got some acne I need to go away! lmbo)


  1. i did this lol. for like 2 or 3 months. and when i say i went natural i went 100% natural haha. then one day i was like ok gotta get pretty again i was starting to feel horrible about myself. lol mainly cause of my eyebrows. haha